Psalm 10

Book 1: Psalm 1-41 God’s presence beside us

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I.	The anguish of the humble (1)

	A.	Where are you, Lord?
	B.	Don’t You care about me?

II.	The attitude of the proud (2-6)

	A.	Self-importance – 2 
	B.	Self-indulgence – 3 
	C.	Self-sufficient – 4 
	D.	Self-deceived – 5-6

III.	The actions of the proud (7-11)

	A.	Lying – 7 
	B.	Murder – 8 
	C.	Treachery – 9-10
	D.	Delusion – 11 

IV.	The appeal of the humble (12-15)

	A.	Arise, O Lord – 12
	B.	Hold the wicked accountable – 13-14
	C.	Stop the wicked – 15

V.	The acclaim of the humble (16-18)

	A.	The Lord is King overall – 16
	B.	The Lord is righteous and just – 17-18

Have you ever wondered why on the surface it appears that the wicked face no consequence for their sin, while God’s people continually face great trouble? This is the theme of Psalm 10.  In spite of how often this appears to the case, God is just and will hold the wicked accountable.

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