Psalm 6

Book 1: Psalm 1-41 God’s presence beside us

Nehiloth upon Sheminith: instrumental accompaniment, probably upon an eight-stringed lyre.

I.	An Agonizing Plea (1-7)

	A.	A plea for God’s mercy – verses 1-3

		1.	Physical distress
		2.	Spiritual distress
		3.	Emotional distress

	B.	A plea for God’s presence – verses 3-7

		1.	O Lord, how long....
		2.	Return, O Lord
		3.	The grave is before me.

II.	An Assured Resolve

	A.	God has heard my cry – verse 8. 

	B.	God will answer my prayer – verse 9.

	C.	God will judge my enemies – verse 10.
In this Psalm, David confesses his sinfulness to God and cries out for God to be merciful and forgive him.  David acknowledges the guilt of his sin and expresses his regret.  Then he turns from his sinfulness and those who would lead him to sin.  In all of our lives, we need to acknowledge our sin, call out to God for His mercy and forgiveness, and turn from those who would lead us away from God.

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