Psalm 5

Book 1: Psalm 1-41 God’s presence beside us

Nehiloth:  A musical notation referring to the flutes.

I.	Lord, hear me. (1-7)

	A.	A morning hymn
		1.	Hear my words.
		2.	Hear my groans.
		3.	Hear my cry.

	B.	A hopeful hymn

		1.	I will pray.
		2.	I will anticipate.
		3.	God will judge the hearts of men.

II.	Lord, lead me. (8-12)

	A.	A dependent hymn

		1.	Lead my faith.
		2.	Lead my feet.
		3.	Lead my fears.

	B.	A victorious hymn

		1.	God will triumph over sinners.
		2.	God will be praised by His saints.
		3.	God will bless His people.

As we learned in Psalm 1, a godly person will spend much time reading and meditating in the Word of God. In this Psalm, David declares that he meets with God in a time of quiet worship each morning (verse 3). Perhaps our day would go ever so much better if we would but set aside time to read God’s Word and pray.

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