Psalm 4

Book 1: Psalm 1-41 God’s presence beside us

Neginoth:  A musical notation referring to String instruments.

I.	David’s dependence on God (1)

	A.	His prayer
	B.	His peace
	C.	His plea

II.	David’s instruction to the wicked (2-5)

	A.	David’s rebuke
	B.	David’s reminder
	C.	David’s remedy

III.	David’s comfort from the Lord (6-8)

	A.	The righteous ponder.
	B.	The righteous prosper.
	B.	The righteous know peace.

Once again, David is facing distressing circumstances in his life; and once again, he turns to the Lord for help.  He stands in awe in the presence of the Lord and prays.  He remained quiet and listened for the Lord to answer him.  He commits to doing right and places his trust in God.  As a result, his confidence in God gives him comfort.  It is the reason that even in the face of many dangers and uncertainty, David can experience peace in his life. 

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