Psalm 2

Book 1: Psalm 1-41 God’s presence beside us

I.          The turmoil of the rebellious kings (1-3)

            A.        Why – for what reason, to what purpose

            B.        When – all times and the end times

            C.        What – total rebellion against God

II.        The tranquility of the righteous King (4-6)

            A.        God’s reaction to man’s rebellion

            B.        God’s reply to man’s rebellion

            C.        God’s resolve to man’s rebellion

III.       The triumph of the Anointed King (7-9)

            A.        The position of the Anointed

            B.        The possession of the Anointed

            C.        The power of the Anointed

IV.       The treaty of the wise kings (10-12)

            A.        Commands are proffered to the wise kings

            B.        Advice is provided to the wise kings

            C.        Blessing is promised to the wise kings

Since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, man has been at war with God. This Psalm so powerfully illustrates this fact. The Psalm begins with the kings of the earth boasting that they do not need or want God to rule over them They set themselves in array against God and His Anointed. The Hebrew word translated “Anointed” in this Psalm is Messiah. The Greek word for the “Anointed One” is Christ. How much better would it be if mankind would simply surrender to the authority of God and His Christ.

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