Psalm 1

Book 1: Psalm 1-41 God’s presence beside us

I.	Blessed are those who choose to walk with God.

	A.	They reject the counsel of the ungodly. (vs. 1)

	B.	They embrace the counsel of God as revealed in His Word. (vs. 2)

II.	God will establish the righteous in His presence.

	A.	The righteous are fed and supplied. (planted by rivers of water - vs.3)

	B.	The righteous prosper in the presence of God. (vs. 3)

III. Cursed are those who choose not to walk with God.

	A.	The unrighteous will be unstable and worthless. (vs.4)

	B.	The unrighteous will not have positions of authority or influence. (vs. 5)

IV.	God will dismiss the unrighteous from His p

	A.	The ungodly are driven away like chaff. (vs.4)

	B.	The way of the ungodly shall perish. (vs. 6)

Psalm 1 provides a stark contrast between those who choose to walk with God and those who choose to go their own way. There is a threefold progression of separation listed in verse one: walk not, stand not, and sit not. Those who would follow God must love the Word of God and let it direct their lives. The godly man will delight in God’s Word and spend countless hours studying and meditating on what it says. He will prosper and persevere like a tree planted with a never-ending supply of water. By contrast, the ungodly will perish like the chaff that simply blows away in the wind. If you would like to live a life of stability and peace, stop listening to the advice of this world and turn to the Word of God.

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